Compliance Hub Training Instructions

To register on our compliance hub, do the following:

1. Go to: and Click “SIGN UP”

2. Create an account

3. Activate your account by checking your email you used to register.


5. Join a Group based on your job role & location (Texas requires a few more trainings…):

  • Dentist (TX): dentist1
  • Dentist (CA, KS, CO): dentist2
  • RDA/Manager (TX): dentalassistant1
  • RDA/Manager (CA, KS, CO): dentalassistant2
  • Administrative/sales/nonclinical (TX): admin1
  • Administrative/sales/nonclinical (CA, KS, CO): admin2

6. See your assigned group courses

7. Complete the course and it’ll say congratulations.

8. Your home page will show that you’ve completed the course successfully.