Mobile Dental Services for Unique Programs

Enable Dental has successfully customized and scaled dental programs to promote oral health, provide quality dental care services, and meet the needs of our geriatric community. With our experience and expertise, we acknowledge the importance of maintaining healthy oral care and overall health. As a result, we have built a robust administrative support staff that helps to coordinate for our patients, prioritizing their preventative dental visits to help minimize the risk of costly dental treatment. By partnering with Enable Dental, you will see value brought through cost-savings while ensuring your participants’ dental needs are our highest priority.

Every dollar spent on our dental services will help your program save on high-cost dental treatment, emergency service, medication, and transportation for your participants. Providing access to routine dental care helps to proactively address the financial consequences of poor oral health.

  • High-Cost Dental Treatment: Prevent extensive and costly dental treatments
  • Emergency Service: Less frequent hospital visits
  • Medication: Save cost on prescriptions for pain medications
  • Transportation: Reduce visits to centers or dental offices

In addition to cost-savings benefits, Enable Dental can be utilized as an acquisition tool to grow your participant pool. With this partnership, your program will gain more participants and generate more revenue year over year.

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