Mobile Rehabilitation Dental Care Services

We offer on-premise dental services for in-patient and out-patient behavioral health and substance abuse treatment programs. Our participating providers have seen improvements in their success rates and overall patient satisfaction. Oral health issues represent a major issue in a person’s recovery process, and when not addressed, can impact a patient’s treatment success. We work with in-patient treatment programs to provide their patients with comprehensive dental solutions during their stay.

  • Improve your program’s success rate by addressing oral health issues
  • All services are provided on-site during your participant’s program
  • Reduce transportation and additional visit costs

Improve treatment success by offering an integrated oral health solution

Drug abuse is associated with serious oral health conidtions including dental caries, periodontal diseases, mucosal dysplasia, xerostomia, bruxism, tooth wear, and tooth loss. Oral health care has positive effects in recovery from drug abuse by reducing the patients’ need for pain control, destigmatizing, and reducing HIV transmission. Programs must address these underlying oral health issues as part of a comprehensive recovery program.

Our comprehensive dental model provides patient oral health education and the delivery of dental services (in the treatment center). A study completed by Tehran University has published evidence supporting this integrated dental solution here:

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