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Wellness Through Smiles

Wellness Through Smiles

Creating Positive Change for Individuals With Disabilities.
Personal Insight From Our CEO icon
Personal Insight From Our CEO

“The evolution of “Wellness Through Smiles” is a byproduct of our offering to the Skilled Nursing Facilities and the regulations required to serve this population. This program is more than just an extension of our services”, stated Paul Langley, CEO of Enable Dental. “This is a reflection of our core belief in the power of collaboration, compassion, and community to enact positive change. Expanding our approach and branding the program with a relevant name was the easy part in the process. Ensuring we meet our goals and objectives is what counts and how we judge our success.”

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A New Era of Collaboration and Support

“Let Us Work For You In Collaboration!”


Direct Contact

By allowing Enable Dental to directly contact guardians/responsible parties (RPs) for clients who require their consent, your staff can dedicate their time to supporting self-responsible clients.

Fostering Collaboration

Allowing Enable Dental to contact guardians/responsible parties promotes collaboration, enhances communication, and ensures that clients, especially those with RPs, receive seamless support tailored to their individual needs. This collaborative approach ultimately contributes to improved outcomes and a higher quality of life for all clients served.

Minimizing Administrative Burdens

Enable Dental can focus on acquiring the essential information: client profiles, IPC funding (if HCS), and guardian contact information. This simplifies the process and minimizes administrative burdens for everyone involved.

Transforming Lives Hand-in-Hand:

In an exciting move that promises to bring smiles and transformative support to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, Enable Dental is thrilled to announce the launch of its “Wellness Through Smiles” program. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to revolutionize the way support is provided, fostering a wave of positivity, joy, and unprecedented collaboration within the community.

Creating Efficiencies for Our Community Partners:

This program is designed to streamline processes and enhance efficiency for our community partners. Our dedicated team works closely with your organization to assist in completing all necessary paperwork, ensuring compliance and safeguarding the well-being of your clients. By integrating seamlessly into your operational workflow, we act as a supportive extension of your services, dedicated to optimizing the delivery of dental care.

Building a Custom Roadmap to Success:

At Enable Dental, we understand that one-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work when it comes to dental care. That’s why we’re committed to working hand-in-hand with you to build a custom roadmap to success for each and every client. Together, we can ensure that every individual receives the personalized care and support they need to thrive.

The Joy of Accelerated Benefits:

Streamlining The Consent Process icon
Streamlining The Consent Process

Quicker inclusion in the program and faster event scheduling, ensuring that every client receives the care they deserve when they need it most.

Collaborative Approach icon
Collaborative Approach

With our collaborative approach, everyone wins – clients, staff, and families alike – as we maximize impact and create unforgettable smiles along the way.

Convenience icon

Your staff can optimize their time by focusing on self-responsible clients while we handle interactions with guardians/responsible parties.

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Our Program

At Enable Dental, we understand that oral health is a vital component of overall well-being, yet it remains one of the most overlooked aspects of healthcare, especially within the IDD community.

With “Wellness Through Smiles,” we aim to bridge this gap, ensuring that every individual has access to the dental care they need and deserve, in a manner that respects their dignity and individual needs.

What Does It Cost?

At Enable Dental, we understand the importance of accessible dental care for the IDD community. To ensure everyone receives the care they need, we offer several billing options:

  • TX HSC Waiver, TxHml, and ICF Clients: We currently bill directly through these Texas Medicaid Waivers for eligible individuals.
  • Generalized Cost-Effective Plan: In addition to our general waiver recipient plan and private plan, we also have specialized plans designed for the unique needs of ICF clients.
  • Private Pay: We welcome patients who wish to pay for services directly.
  • Future Expansion: We’re actively working on partnerships to expand coverage options. We’re actively working to become a Medicaid provider and are currently in negotiations to achieve this goal. Currently, we accept some United Healthcare plans and can utilize Medicare Advantage benefits for qualified patients.
Our Commitment to the IDD Community

Enable Dental goes beyond traditional dental care, focusing on spreading happiness, life-changing transformations, and the joy found in every smile.

With a deep commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, Enable Dental is at the forefront of empowering individuals with disabilities, ensuring they receive the highest quality dental care and the chance to experience the overall well-being they deserve.

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