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Portable Dentistry FAQs

What We Do

How do I sign up?

Patients or Power of Attorneys who wish to be seen by one of our dentists must begin the registration process by either registering or completing a referral form:

Registration Form

Referral Form


Do you have a van or do you set up inside?

We provide mobile dental services, featuring equipment that is easily transported and set up inside the patient’s location. Our setup includes a portable dental examination chair, a state-of-the-art digital X-ray system, and a comprehensive portable operatory system, ensuring a full range of dental services can be conveniently provided wherever the patient is located.

Can you come to my house?

Yes, we can see patients in a home setting. There is a home-visit service fee, and this depends on your location relative to how far our dental team must travel to your location.

Please note that we do not service all locations.

Do you take x-rays?

Yes, we have a low power digital x-ray system which allows for immediate viewing on a laptop. X-ray imaging is required to become a “patient-of-record”.

How often do you come out to see a patient or a senior living community?

Our team of dentists and hygienists routinely visit patients in our partner communities, ensuring a minimum of quarterly check-ups. In numerous communities, we are even more frequently present, offering weekly visits to provide ongoing support and care to our patients!

How far in advance do I need to fill out paperwork before I can be seen?

When a New Patient Consent Form is sent to us, we can typically see you within a couple days depending on our routes and schedule.

Do I need a Fluoride treatment?

Our dentists highly recommend a fluoride treatment with the patient’s prophylaxis cleaning. Studies have shown fluoride treatments to be very helpful in several ways for elderly adults. It remineralizes teeth which can reduce tooth and root decay. Adults with gum recession are at risk of root decay because the surface becomes exposed to decay causing bacteria in the mouth. The older you are, the more prone you are to gum recession.

I just want a cleaning - do I have to need an exam?

All patients seen by our registered dental hygienists must be a ‘patient-of-record’ and therefore seen by one of our dentists.

Why do you separate exams and cleanings by several days?

We have found with our elderly clientele, that many can not remain comfortable for the time needed to do an exam and then a cleaning. Therefore, we do exams on one day, then return for cleanings on a separate day.

Do I get billed for procedures that are not completed?
We try to complete all of the scheduled procedures. For a new patient, these are very important to the patient’s Oral Health. It is important to take x-rays and have a complete exam in order to make a diagnosis. Our teams are skilled and focus on providing services to patients in Assisted Living/ Nursing Homes, so we understand how to provide care to patients with many different medical scenarios including dementia. However, if we are not able to complete all of the procedures, then will just bill for the services completed.
What is the difference between Mobile dentistry and portable dentistry?

Mobile dentistry refers to a dental practice that operates from a van or RV. The van or RV is equipped with a complete dental clinic, including a dental chair, equipment, and supplies. The dentist travels to various locations and provides dental services on the spot. This approach is especially useful for people who have difficulty accessing dental care due to transportation, mobility, or financial issues.

Portable dentistry, on the other hand, refers to a dental practice that brings all the equipment and supplies into a building. The dentist sets up a temporary clinic within the building, providing dental services to the patients there. This approach is commonly used in assisted living facilities, schools, and other community settings where a permanent dental clinic is not available.

In conclusion, both mobile and portable dentistry aim to make dental care more accessible and convenient for patients. The difference lies in the setting in which the services are provided, with mobile dentistry taking place in a van or RV and portable dentistry taking place within a building.


Can I arrange a payment plan?

We believe in making dental care accessible for everyone. To ensure transparent billing and avoid potential misunderstandings, we request payment for services on the same day they are provided.

However, we understand that unexpected situations can arise. If you require a payment plan, we are happy to work with you or partner with CareCredit to find a solution that works. More details can be received by emailing [email protected].

Do you provide group home discounts?

Yes, we do provide group home discounts. We waive all home-visit fees for assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and similar facilities. However, we can develop custom pricing for corporate entities with multiple homes and other unique arrangements.

Do you accept dental insurance?

Exciting Update! We’ve partnered with several Medicare Advantage providers, allowing us to file claims directly to your plan. For patients enrolled in these plans, rest assured, we won’t charge you any additional fees.

Although we are an out-of-network provider for most plans, we’re committed to making your dental care manageable and stress-free. You will need to pay for services on the day we visit with you. Then, we’ll handle the insurance claim submission on your behalf. To begin, please ensure your insurance plan includes coverage for out-of-network services. Our team is ready to provide a pre-completed ADA form and guide you through every step of the process. Feel free to contact us anytime for assistance!

Can Enable Dental help me get reimbursed by my insurance?

Yes! Enable Dental can furnish an insurance claim form upon your request, which you can submit to your insurance provider or we can do this for you. This form will detail all procedures and associated costs for your convenience. To proceed, just enter your policy number and cardholder details, when filling out the New Patient Registration forms.

Does Medicare pay?

Medicare does not currently cover any general dental procedures.

Medicare Advantage does however pay for some dental. Each plan is a little different, so please fill out the Registration form or a Referral form to begin the process.

Registration Form

Referral Form


Are you able to take Medicaid?

We do work with Medicaid programs in certain states and for very specific populations.

Medicaid does not have a dental program that we work with outside of these programs. Please call 866-988-4504 to learn more.