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Texas SNF Facility

Texas Skilled Nursing Facility

Dental Insurance Program for Facilities
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Who We Are?

We solve important dental issues and reduce stress for patients and their loved ones. Our dental team comes to the patient – wherever they are.

All of our dentists are licensed and have  additional training specific to assist in portable dentistry.

Our licensed professionals are highly qualified and committed to providing the best care to our patients.

About Our Program

We are most likely your existing dentist as we have been serving Long-Term Care facilities for over 12 years.

  • We partnered with Comprehensive Mobile Insurance Company, Inc. after searching for a partner that holds a similar philosophy to Enable Dental
  • They have a 100% perfect
    ethical and legal record and align with Enable Dental’s philosophy of “Patients First”
  • They are in good standing
    with all relevant
    governmental agencies
  • They have many
    endorsements from long-term
    care facility administrators and other
What We Cover?
  • Coverage of up to $7,500 per policy year
    • Full exams
    • Cleanings
    • X-rays
    • Fillings
    • Extractions
    • Dentures
    • Partials
  • Reline new and existing dentures
  • Repair new and existing dentures
  • Replacement of lost dentures every 12
    months with no additional cost
What Does It Cost?

This program is covered fully by Texas Medicaid

We offer a $7,500 per year coverage program

It is one of the finest dental policies to long-term care residents

This extensive coverage is covered at NO additional cost to the resident or the facility through the Incurred Medical Expense Adjustment (IME).

Program Facts
  • Estimates of long-term care residents with unmet dental needs range from 80-96%.
  • 78% of residents have tooth decay and 40% have periodontal disease, which can cause and / or accelerate damage to the oral cavity, heart, brain and lungs.
  • Oral soft tissue lesions affect up to 38% of the elderly, causing pain and discomfort.

Mobile dentistry is crucial for individuals with mobility issues at Skilled Nursing Facilities as it eliminates the logistical challenges of transportation, ensuring consistent oral care. This approach brings dental services directly to their doorstep, maintaining their oral health and overall well-being. By reducing barriers to access, mobile dentistry promotes comfort, dignity, and improved oral hygiene for those with limited mobility.


Of U.S. seniors are keeping their teeth longer than they did in the past.


Of 65-74 year-olds reported opting for foods that are easier to chew due to dental problems, which are associated with weight loss and malnutrition.

1 Out Of 6

Number of seniors with untreated cavities.


Of seniors experience gum disease.