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Teledentistry Services

Teledentistry is a revolutionary solution for dental care, making it more convenient, accessible and efficient for patients. It uses technology to connect patients with dentists remotely, eliminating the need for travel or waiting rooms. It’s an innovative way to provide quality dental care, especially for patients with transportation issues or limited mobility.

Dentist reviewing xrays with a patient during at teledenistry appointment.

Available Formats

1) Asynchronous Or “Store-And-Forward”
  • Ability to capture as much information with limited on-site clinical staff;
  • Review of clinical data remotely evaluated by a licensed dentist;
  • Clinical Data used to create individual plan of care.
2) Synchronous Or “Real Time”
  • Real-time evaluation of clinical findings;
  • Dental team on-site and licensed dentist is remotely engaged in evaluation;
  • Clinical data used to create individual plan of care.

Teledentistry In Action

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1. Prior to Visit

Completion of New Patient Consent Form.

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2. Visit #1: Hygienist

Arrive at patient’s dayhab, community center or private residential home.

3. Assessment & Cleaning

Arrive at patient’s dayhab, community center or private residential home.

4. Teledentistry Examination

Dentist reviews patient’s medical history, images and notes in order to provide a diagnosis.

5. Teledentistry Summary

Clinical Practice Manager will contact patient’s responsible and coordinate next visit (if applicable).

6. Visit #2: Treatment

Team arrives at patient’s home. Dentist performs any accepted treatments.

7. Recall: Routine Visits

Our administrative team will contact patient’s responsible party when the next routine appointment is scheduled.

Dentist working with a senior patient at home.

Learn More About Our Services

Our services are designed to reduce caregiver stress and improve patient health outcomes. You or your loved one receive personalized, high-tech dental care without having to leave home. We strive to develop long-lasting, comfortable relationships in the comfort of the patient’s residence.

Many times, we are called to address specific dental issues like pain, infection, or a troublesome denture. Our mobile on-site dental treatments are comprehensive in nature and include fillings, crowns, extractions, fillings, fixed dental bridges, root canals, partial dentures, complete dentures, and other dental treatments needed.

We bring a portable dental operatory, dental chair, and low-dose x-ray system directly into the patient’s home or living facility. We can even provide care for patients in bed or someone more comfortable in a wheelchair.

During the initial exam visit, the dentist will baseline the patient’s current dental condition. This exam includes a medical history review, oral cancer screening, and identification of any existing oral health issues. A prophylaxis cleaning may also be provided at this first visit. Our patients are then seen for preventative visits on a regular, recurring basis.