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Medicare Advantage Programs

Providing On-Site Dental Care for Medicare Advantage Programs

Dental Specialists: Bridging the Gap to Senior Care – No Matter Where They Reside

Leveraging a revolutionary approach, we deliver both preventative and comprehensive dental solutions directly to the member’s long term facility or personal residence. Our teams are trained to work with geriatric patients accommodating their life circumstances.

Medicare Advantage Plans

In a recent study of Dental Care in MA Plan:


Of MA plans offer dental benefits at no extra cost


Increase to annual dental costs without preventative dental services


Reduction in hospital admission rate resulting in average $110 PMPY cost reduction


Savings for members with chronic conditions for those that receive periodontal

Common issues programs face when providing dental care.

U.S. seniors are retaining more of their teeth than they did in the past, yet many are unable to access preventive dental care or treatment to keep their mouths healthy.

Census & Data

Unpredictable census or inadequate data to determine the true need for dental services, which results in insufficient resources to meet dental needs.

Traditional Offices

Most brick and mortar dental practices are unable to scale to meet an increased number of new patients and often are unable to see multiple participants back to back on the same day.


Difficult to transport participants from various locations to multiple brick and mortar practices. Scheduling multiple participants living in vast geographic areas is time consuming for staff.


Low opt-in rate for necessary dental services, and increased no-show rates to existing dental offices. No access to dental providers for dental emergencies which impact medical costs.

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What We Do

  • Increase care access to marginalized members and enable more frequent care management
  • Reduce overall spending on member’s care
  • Enhance member satisfaction by providing access to those with mobility issues
  • Provide standardized data and track analytics
  • Facilitate improved health outcomes by early detection of dental issues

How Our Mobile Dentistry Process Works

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The Onboarding
Service Delivery
Reporting & Billing

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