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The Future of Dentistry: Exploring Portable Dentistry with Joyce Go of Enable Dental

The Future of Dentistry: Exploring Portable Dentistry with Joyce Go of Enable Dental

February 28th, 2024
3 minutes read

In a groundbreaking episode of The ResiDental Movement Podcast, we delve into the transformative world of portable dentistry with none other than Joyce Go, a pioneer in the field with nearly a decade of experience. Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Enable Dental, Joyce brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and insight into how portable dentistry is reshaping the landscape of dental care, especially for the underserved populations across the globe.

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A Mission to Serve

Joyce’s journey in dentistry is nothing short of inspiring. With a heart firmly rooted in service, she has led dental outreach programs in some of the most underserved regions of Asia and Africa. These experiences have not only honed her skills in portable dentistry but have also ignited a deep-seated passion for ensuring that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to quality oral health care.

The Portable Dentistry Revolution

During the interview, Joyce sheds light on the innovative approach of Enable Dental to bring dental care to those who need it most. Portable dentistry, as she explains, is not just about making dental care more accessible; it’s about rethinking how dental services are delivered. By breaking away from the traditional brick-and-mortar clinic model, Enable Dental is able to reach seniors, adults with special needs, and other populations that have historically been marginalized in terms of oral health care.

Opportunities for Dental Professionals

One of the most exciting aspects of portable dentistry, according to Joyce, is the plethora of opportunities it presents for dental professionals. Beyond the conventional career path lies a rewarding journey of making a tangible difference in the lives of many who would otherwise have no access to dental care. Joyce talks about the unique challenges and rewards that come with practicing portable dentistry, offering insights into how dental professionals can get involved and contribute to this noble cause.

Strategic Partnerships for Broader Impact

A significant part of our discussion revolves around Joyce’s role in developing strategic partnerships with large organizations. These collaborations are crucial in expanding the reach of Enable Dental’s services, ensuring that more people have access to the oral health care they desperately need. Joyce’s work exemplifies how strategic thinking and partnership can amplify the impact of portable dentistry, making it a viable and sustainable model for addressing the oral health needs of underserved communities.

A Call to Action

Joyce’s message to our listeners is clear: there is immense potential in portable dentistry to change lives, and it’s time for dental professionals to consider how they can be part of this movement. Whether it’s through volunteering, pursuing a career in portable dentistry, or simply spreading the word, there are numerous ways to contribute to this cause.


Our conversation with Joyce Go is a powerful reminder of the impact that dedicated individuals and innovative approaches can have on public health. Portable dentistry, as Joyce vividly illustrates, is more than just a method of delivering dental care—it’s a movement towards a more inclusive, accessible, and equitable healthcare system. As we wrap up this special episode, we’re left inspired and hopeful for the future of dentistry—a future where everyone has the opportunity to smile brightly, thanks to the tireless efforts of individuals like Joyce and organizations like Enable Dental.

For dental professionals and students looking to make a difference, this episode is a must-listen. Joyce Go’s insights into portable dentistry offer a compelling glimpse into the future of oral health care and the role we can all play in shaping it. Join us on The ResiDental Movement Podcast as we explore the frontiers of dentistry with those who are leading the charge.