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We solve important dental issues and reduce stress for patients and their loved ones. Our dental team comes to the patient – wherever they are. Our licensed professionals are highly qualified and committed to providing the best care to our patients.

Our Experience

We are equipped with portable technology and systems that allow us to provide at-home or onsite dentistry. Our handheld digital x-ray units, custom dental chairs, and wheeled dental units make it possible to thoroughly diagnose and perform dental treatment in different living environments.

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Enable Dental is uniquely positioned to serve health plan participants and solve common dental care problems  programs face – high-cost dental treatment, emergency service, medication, transportation, etc. We hope that our partnership can facilitate access to dentistry and ensure that oral health care can be made accessible to all under-served populations.

Extend Your Reach

We have built a robust administrative support staff that helps to coordinate for our patients, prioritizing their preventative dental visits to help minimize the risk of costly dental treatment. In addition to cost-saving benefits, Enable Dental can be utilized as an acquisition tool to grow your participant pool. With this partnership, your program will gain more participants and generate more revenue year over year.

Medicare Advantage Plan

In a recent study of Dental Care in MA Plan:


Of MA plans offer dental benefits at no extra cost


Increase to annual dental costs without preventative dental services


Reduction in hospital admission rate resulting in average $110 PMPY cost reduction


Savings for members with chronic conditions for those that receive periodontal

PACE Programs

In a recent study of Dental Care in PACE programs:


Of PACE programs mandated a dental examination within 31-60 days of enrollment


Of PACE programs had a dental manual, which may contain information regarding goals of dental treatment, guidelines for achieving these goals, service roles and responsibilities for dentists, and other protocols for the delivery of dental care


Of PACE programs has any quality assurance for dental care


Of PACE programs had a protocol for their enrollees to receive a cleaning every 6-12 months

Common issues programs face when providing dental care.

Census & Data

Unpredictable census or inadequate data to determine the true need for dental services, which results in insufficient resources to meet dental needs.


Difficult to transport participants from various locations to multiple brick and mortar practices. Scheduling multiple participants living in vast geographic areas is time consuming for staff.

Traditional Offices

Most brick and mortar dental practices are unable to scale to meet an increased number of new patients and often are unable to see multiple participants back to back on the same day.


Low opt-in rate for necessary dental services, and increased no-show rates to existing dental offices. No access to dental providers for dental emergencies which impact medical costs.

What We Do

Enable Dental provides portable dentistry to under-served patients at scale.

Full-service, traveling clinical teams
Dentists, hygienists, assistants
Military-grade portable dental equipment

Scale enabled by technology
100% cloud-based processes and tools
Opportunity to integrate with EHR

Patient Centered Care
Responsive to preferences and needs
In-house care coordination

Efficient Delivery Model

Scalable solution that expands as needed

Portable Experts

Experienced dental professionals providing holistic approach and quality dental services in unique environments

Improve Health Outcomes

Routine preventative dental visits and early dental treatments to address dental needs before they become emergencies


Reduce travel time and avoid crowded waiting rooms or lengthy wait times

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