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Value-Based Care Model: A New Horizon in Dental Care for Medicare Advantage Members

Value-Based Care Model: A New Horizon in Dental Care for Medicare Advantage Members

November 3rd, 2023
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Enable Dental is at the forefront of revolutionizing dental care through the implementation of the Value-Based Care (VBC) model, particularly for Medicare Advantage and PACE program members. Aligning with other providers across the healthcare spectrum will allow everyone to focus on all of the key elements found in different parts of the ecosystem. They are:

  1. Effectiveness: care is based on evidence and is designed to get results
  2. Efficiency: providers don’t use resources that are not needed
  3. Equity: care does not vary in quality based on personal characteristics such as race, gender, and income
  4. Patient centeredness: each patient’s values, preferences, and needs are respected
  5. Safety: treatment does not cause harm
  6. Timeliness: treatment is available without long delays.

This blog discusses the importance of VBC, its benefits, and the impact it has on the healthcare ecosystem, especially for senior populations.

Value-Based Care Model in Dental Care. The graphic includes a large, central tooth icon representing dental care, surrounded by interconnected icons such as a heart for patient-centeredness, a shield for safety, a clock for timeliness, a dollar sign within a downward arrow for cost-effectiveness, and a scale for equity. Each icon is linked to the tooth with a curved line, indicating the integration of all aspects. The background is a gradient from sky blue at the top to white at the bottom, symbolizing a new horizon.


Traditional fee-for-service models in dental care have long prioritized quantity over quality. This often leads to fragmented care and increased costs without necessarily improving patient outcomes. As the healthcare industry evolves, the demand for a more holistic, outcome-based approach has become more pronounced. Additionally there is significant investment pouring into the industry to help fund these models. Many of these investments come from Private Equity. 

The Value-Based Care Model

The Value-Based Care model redefines healthcare delivery by focusing on patient outcomes and provider accountability. In this model, compensation is tied directly to the effectiveness of care and patient health outcomes, rather than the volume of services provided.

Key Components:

  1. Patient-Centric Approach: Prioritizing patient needs and customized care plans.
  2. Outcome Measurement: Tracking and rewarding improvements in patient health, not just service delivery.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Incentivizing preventative care to reduce overall healthcare expenses.

Impact on Medicare Advantage and PACE Members

Medicare Advantage and PACE members often require more attentive care. The VBC model offers a structure that can profoundly benefit these groups:

  1. Reduced Emergency Room Visits: With a stronger emphasis on preventative care and regular checkups, there’s a decrease in dental emergencies and related ER visits.
  2. Improved Overall Health Outcomes: Dental health significantly impacts general health. By focusing on comprehensive, outcome-based dental care, we observe improvements in overall health.
  3. Sustainability and Scalability: Aligning provider incentives with patient outcomes ensures long-term sustainability and scalability of healthcare services.

Enable Dental’s Implementation of VBC

Enable Dental integrates the VBC model into its services in several ways:

  1. Innovative Care Delivery: Utilizing mobile dental units to provide in-home care, reaching patients who might otherwise forego traditional dental visits.
  2. Collaborative Care Coordination: Working closely with other healthcare providers to deliver holistic care.
  3. Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraging data analytics to track outcomes, tailor services, and identify areas for improvement.


Enable Dental’s Value-Based Care model marks a significant step forward in aligning healthcare delivery with the needs of Medicare Advantage and PACE members. By focusing on patient outcomes, reducing unnecessary expenditures, and enhancing the quality of care, we are not only elevating dental care but also contributing to the broader evolution of the healthcare industry.

Future Directions

Further research and adaptation of the VBC model will be essential as we continue to refine these approaches, meeting the challenges of an aging population and evolving healthcare needs. Additionally, Investors may continue to look to value-based care for strong growth. Value-based care could continue to present a strong investment thesis

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